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Introduction to SKI

There are more than 2500 private schools in Lahore And about 300 schools in only the area of Allama Iqball Town Lahore, but among them SKI is one of the best schools in Lahore (in the heart of Pakistan).
Why we said that SKI is best school in Lahore. That’s because of following reasons:

1. Individual concentration to each and every student.
2. Registered from PEC and Affiliated with BISE
3. Best Results in BISE Exams,
4. Great Faculty

School is situated on Allam Iqball Town Lahore which is on the center of city.
Our teachers’ care about students’ faith, their prayers, and their link with Allah Subhana-hu wa-ta’ala.

SKI is Affiliated with BISE Lahore

Affiliated with BISE
Institution Code: 23382

SKI - Registered with PEC

Registered with PEC
Reg#: ___

Students' & Kids' Inn - SKI

Students’ & Kids’ Inn – SKI